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Holistic Success Coaching

If you are like me, you did the right things in your life…you got the career, the spouse/partner, had the kids, did all the things society says we should do…you are successful positive person however…. ​

  • You are feeling like you have gone gray and you want to get back to vibrant color.

  • You are searching for work/life balance.

  • You just don't feel as resilient as you used to be.

  • You feel overwhelmed by you have a hundred things running through your mind all the time.

  • You have goals you just haven't quite been able to reach, because you are feeling stuck.

If these sound like you…let's hang out and talk!!! 

Zen Stones

Liz's Story

 I have had many iterations in my life.  I have been in sales, worked for the government, been a stay at home Mom and owned a successful business.  I have always been able to accomplish what I set out to do and I went after the "American Dream" with gusto.  I achieved it, but when I got "there"... it was not at all what I thought it would be...I still felt like something was missing. Does that sound at all like you?  If so, then keep on reading.  Then in 2005, I was feeling very stuck, sick, tired and I had no idea what was going on with me.  I was diagnosed with a little known illness.  The doctors didn't have a lot of answers for me, so, I had to figure it out for myself.  Maybe you have had to deal with some medical stuff? Or maybe you have found yourself stuck and on your own...  When I dug in, I discovered a whole world inside myself that I never knew existed.  I learned who I was and how to be the expert on me.  I heard my intuition, I learned a set of skills that I could use to help others.  Now I work with high achievers and globe changers go from the road they are on to the road they REALLY want to be on!  I help them find THEIR American dream and live it to the fullest!!    



My Take on Coaching

I understand it is a big decision to hire a coach, which is why I always bring my A game to my clients.  I have worked with many coaches, in my life, and I know what works and what doesn't.  I have studied many different approaches to coaching and I have found a holistic approach to achieving goals and ultimately success to be the best. I blog on my strategies and you can see them on my FB page. Click the link at the top or bottom of my site.  

I love to work with positive, successful people who believe that change is possible and help them become the expert on themselves.  I believe that anything is possible when we know who we are, get clear on what we want and go for it.



Client Feedback

I am so glad I went to see Liz because I was struggling with anxiety and a brain that wouldn’t shut off and Liz was able to quiet my mind which is a challenging thing to do. She created a space that enabled me to feel safe and calm and allowed my mind to rest.  These are challenges for me and Liz really helped me break through them. Everything that Liz discussed with me about myself was spot on and helpful.  I have recommended her to several people forwellness solutions and I will be going back! She is extremely good at what she does and has a way of making you feel ok with the world.

Margaret Cantrell, Owner, Photography by M

One of the biggest breakthroughs that Liz helped me with was to clear away unwanted negative energy and attachments to things. After working with her I felt no interest n the bad habits I was entertaining. this made room for the new positive habits and tremendous growth! It was an awesome experience to work with her.  She is very kind and makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole session. I would highly recommend working with her if you feel stuck or lost in your current lifestyle!

Eric Delozier, Entrepreneur

I was looking for a way to enhance my spiritual journey. A friend recommended Liz. I wanted to gain clarity and guidance on my journey. The setting was warm and inviting. It was very personal. Liz is very welcoming and open minded.  She listens intently and provides tailored coaching and healing solutions for you. I highly recommend Liz, it was well worth it.

Kenne R.


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Stafford, Virginia - By Appointment Only

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