Bigger Success Coaching

What is Bigger Success Coaching?

Bigger success coaching is...what I do!  I have found myself coaching people all my life.  In every job I have ever had, I have spent a portion of my day coaching others.  When I was in sales, my collogues used to ask me how I sold as much as I did...I thought about it and I had to tell them that I simply listened and paid attention to their needs and goals and then recommended products to get them where they wanted to go.  When I was in the government, I was always given more responsibility than authority.  So, I had to get buy in from my peers to get us to our goals.  When I owned my second small business, I didn't have enough money to hire people to do the work, so I had to get interns and volunteers.  I had to coach them to love the work as much as I did in order to reach my goals.  

This blog is a conglomeration of what I have learned in my life, what I have learned in training and what I have learned working with various coaches.  I hope it provides value to all who read it with usable strategies and tools for their life.  Also, I hope it is a good view into the Bigger Coaching Methods. 

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