Bigger Success Coaching

What is Bigger Success Coaching?

Bigger success coaching is...what I do!  I have found myself coaching people all my life.  In every job I have ever had, I have spent a portion of my day coaching others.  When I was in sales, my collogues used to ask me how I sold as much as I did...I thought about it and I had to tell them that I simply listened and paid attention to their needs and goals and then recommended products to get them where they wanted to go.  When I was in the government, I was always given more responsibility than authority.  So, I had to get buy in from my peers to get us to our goals.  When I owned my second small business, I didn't have enough money to hire people to do the work, so I had to get interns and volunteers.  I had to coach them to love the work as much as I did in order to reach my goals.  

This blog is a conglomeration of what I have learned in my life, what I have learned in training and what I have learned working with various coaches.  I hope it provides value to all who read it with usable strategies and tools for their life.  Also, I hope it is a good view into the Bigger Coaching Methods. 

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Shift Your Perspective to Acceptance

Should is a Four Letter Word I was talking to my son earlier today. He was having a hard time accepting the reality of virtual school. He just kept saying “we should be able to go to school. I should be able to see my friends at school.” It was breaking my heart, so I just had to sit down with him and have a discussion about the word ‘should’. In my coaching practice and in my life ‘should is a red flag word. I used to should myself all the time. I could sit and ponder all the ways that life ‘should’ be, but wasn’t. It was absolutely exhausting!! Denial is Exhausting At work, everything would eat my lunch! Anytime management would come out with something new…I would pick it apart and a

Perspective Shift from Lack to Abundance

My Friend's Shift So, I was having coffee with some friends the other day. One of my friends has been looking for a job for about a year. She seemed to be pretty darn positive. I mentioned that she seemed so much MORE positive now than she did a year ago… so I asked her, “What changed? How are you staying so positive through all of this?” She said, “My perspective! I just shifted my perspective from lack to abundance.” At that moment, I really realized how powerful perspective can really be!!! Lack Perspective Causes Anxiety When we are in a lack perspective, we experience what I call ‘the wanting’ or ‘the needing’. We are laser focused on all the things that we perceive that we ‘want


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